Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Blog...

Originally when I created this blog it was a school project that I had planned to keep going as a second blog one that I could make more personal. I had planned to share my tips/tricks and life lessons that I have learned along the way to becoming the fabulous small town girl I knew I was meant to be. As my life quickly became overly busy I found it near exhausting  trying to photograph daily activities to share. In a way I feel like I have let both my readers and myself down (when thinking about the original goal for this blog). So.... from this moment I'm going to share more stuff about my personal life as well as all of those tips/tricks and life lessons I had planned to share all along. With that being said I will still post normal fashion post as well... you can also check out my other blog HERE for the latest in fashion news and what I'm currently obsessing over. I just want this blog to be a bit more personable. I hope you understand! And that you will continue you to come back day after day as I try to live a glamorous life in this small town. XOXO 

Here are a few pictures of my life over the past months via my instagram. If you don't follow me on there you should!!! Find me: theblondedaria

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