Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Decor D.I.Y via Uncharted Style

(via Uncharted Style)
I love this idea... especially since I'm totally addicted to chevron stripes. Check out THIS post on Uncharted Style for how to re-create this look. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

D.I.Y Ideas: Re-vamp Last Season's Leather Shorts

(via Blog da Thassia)
Recently, I've been addicted to a blog that I discovered via Instagram: Blog da Thassia. I've spent hours looking back through her previous post from the last two years. Like always I save photos to an inspiration folder when I see something that inspires me. I'm always looking to D.I.Y Project Ideas... I can't help but be inspired by this picture. It's the perfect inspiration for my next D.I.Y Project. Now I just need to find studs or spikes to re-vamp last seasons leather shorts.  Not sure who makes these actual shorts... but recreating this look should fun. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Ordered: Starfish Cuff

(via google image search)
After seeing several street-style photos featuring a starfish cuff... I knew I had to have one for this spring/summer. It's going to be the perfect piece of jewelry to take with me on my beach vacation.
I found the Starfish Cuffs below on Amazon for only $24.99 each. After a morning debate (silver or gold) and even asking for my boyfriends opinion... I decided to order the cuff in Gold. 
(via amazon)

New in My Closet: Cigar Shade Maxi from Forever 21

Warm weather is officially here! Did we even have a winter? Not that I'm complaining... I hate cold gloomy days. After a few VERY warm days I decided that spring had sprung and that it was time to start cleaning out my closet and packing away my winter essentials. Empty closet = Spring Shopping. Unsure of what I'm going to be able to wear this spring/summer (reason why announced very soon)... I've decided to pack my closet with easy wearable pieces that are loose and require little maintenance. First purchases (after the closet clean out) include all the maxi dresses and cotton low-to-high hem skirts from Forever21that were available in my size.  Here's a cheap yet chic find:
(via F21)
This dress was only $12.80. I'm currently love with this cigar color... and the detailing in the back. Buy this dress at any Forever 21 location or online HERE!
*If these dresses are anything like the cotton maxi's Forever 21 sold last year DO NOT dry them... lay flat or hang dry to prevent the length from shrinking!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rachel Zoe LOVE

I've loved her for years... long before her clothing line, book and infamous Bravo series. She will always be my muse.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Random Saturday

(clockwise from the top: 85lbs of Cheese at Whole Foods, Union Staion, Sign Downtown, Hot and Fresh Krispy Kremes for the drive home.. the light was on we had to stop)
Yesterday’s plans suddenly changed once I saw a facebook post from the Whole Foods location in Greenhill’s area of Nashville.
“Come See us Cut Open an 85lb Wheel of Cheese at 2PM & try free samples”
They had me at An 85lb wheel of cheese!!! I quickly called my mom to tell her (by this point I was already way too excited about 85lb’s of cheese)! It was 12PM and I was on the parkway head to pick her up for an afternoon of shopping a few towns over… However, after she heard my excitement for “cheese” she asked if I wanted to go?!  Of course! How could I not? Two hours later we are in Nashville sampling cheese at Whole Foods.
For those of you that don’t know I have a strange obsession with unique grocery stores. Maybe it’s because all we have in my town is KROGER. When I’m in Nashville I love to make stops at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter. I’ve been know to drive two hours to Nashville just for VOSS and the most amazing Blueberry Muffins you’ve ever put in your mouth. After making stops at all three grocery stores we ventured downtown for BBQ. The line at Jack’s was out the door… but it was totally worth the wait. The restaurant was very different than expected. It is cafeteria style, basically meaning you wait in line, order your food, pay and they give it to you on a tray. Once you seat yourself… you fix your drink, grab all the BBQ Sauce you can eat and EAT. I love trying new places and Jack’s is defiantly a place I will going back to again.    
(Jack's BBQ sign on Broadway, What I Ate and Flying Pigs on a sign inside of Jack's)

New in My Closet: Allen B. by Allen Schwartz Dress

(via jcp)
During an impromptu shopping trip to Nashville yesterday (pictures to follow) I discovered this little gem at JcPenney for only $40 while searching for the MNG by Mango Collection. This floor skimming chiffon tie-dye maxi dress embellished with rhinestones and open-shoulders is by Allen B. by Allen Schwartz. It just so happens to be prefect for an upcoming photo shoot/HUGE announcement on my other blog coming later this month. Buy the dress for yourself HERE

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 1st D.I.Y Project for March: Lacquered Candle Holders

(photo via tumblr/font added by me)
 I downloaded this photograph weeks ago on tumblr (original source unknown sorry). After viewing it multiple times in my current inspiration folder... I've decided to make this my first D.I.Y Home Project for the month of March. Now I just need to find similar (low-cost) candle holders to spray paint. Check back for the results/how-to post .
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