Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings

This could possibly be the most random post ever. But you can’t pick and choose what inspires you… it chooses you... 

clean and simple
a rack and a mirror... all you need for the perfect dressing area
learn how to set the table for the perfect brunch via the every girl
not sure why i'm so obsessed with clothing racks ?!?
in the perfect world i would be this organized 
the only things you really need in your night stand drawer
love this living room
my morning routine doesn't look this chic. envy!!!!
wondering how my 3 kitties would react to a cowhide rug that's printed like a zebra
chic table setting
closet idea
beside the bed inspo
home inspo
note to self: buy chic little bowls for jewelry
inspo for all the books and magazines i've hoarded
living area inspo
too many rooms that inspire me...
chic little table
how to organize a book shelf?!?


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