Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

After arriving home from a weekend away I began to unpacking my over stuffed DVF suit case when a UPS man began pounding on my door. I hadn’t ordered anything that was being shipped to this address? I never ship anything here because I’m always scared to have items left on the door steps of my townhouse (not that I live in a bad area… just weird about random people I don’t know walking past and becoming curious at the boxes).

Once inside I read over the shipping address to make sure it was my package and not the neighbors. They often have weird noodles shipped to their home and occasionally the delivery guy brings them to me instead. The box was defiantly shipped to me from Code Nast. Hmmm…  I recently subscribed to a few magazines I buy every month using my coke rewards points. Maybe it’s something about that? My curiosity grew at an overwhelming rate.  I ripped open the box to find a TEEN VOGUE envelop resting upon a mound of Michael Kors tissue paper. Hidden under the tissue a Michael Kors gift bag filled with tissue and tied with a bow. I instantly became excited yet still hadn’t a clue to what was inside the bag. Of course I could have read the letter first but who wants to read a letter when you have a present to open?  

After digging through the tissue I discovered a beautiful mini black and gold Michael Kors clutch. This clutch was specially designed and given away at the recent Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party. Apparently I entered a contest when I had signed into my Teen Vogue Insider profile a month or so ago and it just so happens I happen be one of the lucky winners.

Thanks So Much Teen Vogue!!!!

View Photos from the Teen Vogue Party here!


  1. wow! its like early christmas! i'm jealous!

  2. I still can't believe it! It's so random bc I NEVER Win anything!


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