Monday, November 15, 2010

Sloane Ranger

While watching the TLC Special William & Kate: A Royal Love Story… they referred to Kate as a Sloane Ranger. Referring to the way she dresses and the area of London she frequently shops. After the Show I decided to do a little research of my own to learn more about this term.
(Photo from Yahoo Images)
Here’s what I found:
The term Sloane Ranger (often shortened to Sloane or Sloanie) refers to a stereotype in the UK of young, upper class or upper-middle-class women or men who share distinctive and common lifestyle traits. The term is a punning combination of "Sloane Square", a location in Chelsea famed for the wealth of residents and frequenters, and the television Westerns character The Lone Ranger.
Initially the term "Sloane Ranger" was used mostly in reference to women, a particular archetype being Diana, Princess of Wales. The term Sloane Ranger have similar related terms in other countries: in France they are called 'BCBG' (bon chic, bon genre). The Preppy of the United States can appear similar to the Sloane Ranger at first glance but in fact they are different in their ideologies and aspirations
(Photo From Google Images)
Hmmm… It seems Miss Middleton and Willy’s mom had more in common then we knew about.

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