Friday, October 29, 2010

Strands of Pearls

It’s Friday and I have yet to find a costume. I done the whole sexy cop thing last weekend… and I’m now leaning toward a more classic approach. One of my good friends sent a text saying I should be Audrey Hepburn and wear the gloves I wore on New Years Eve (See picture in post from earlier this week).

(Picture from Yahoo Image Search)

After digging through my Great Grandma’s jewelry collection that I received last year I discovered that this would be the perfect costume idea. And I would only have to purchase one of those cigarette sticks. (Prefect money saving option I was going for.) Below is a picture of the necklaces I layered for my costume and a vintage broach that I attached to help create that Breakfast at Tiffany’s Look.

(Picture taken via Blackberry)

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