Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is Me…

“You think You Know… But You Have No Idea”- MTV Diaries

I am my strengths, weaknesses, my self-confidence and self doubt. All the places I have been and all the places I shouldn’t; Past, Present and Future. I am all I have seen, heard and believed. I am a fashionista, a business owner, a blogger, a lover, a dreamer, a procrastinator, a best friend, a girlfriend, a world wanderer and an only child. I can be little bit stubborn, some what obsessive compulsive and at times I’m an impulsive decision maker.  What you see is everything and nothing and it is never finished. But most of all I am a suburbanite with city girl taste. This is a blog about my life and all the things that I love, adore, desire and obsess over; A collection of all the things that I dream about and inspire me.  
This is a diary of my adventures as I attempt to live a Glamorous Life in a Small Town...

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