Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coming Soon

While we have yet to even experience the coldest days of winter (is it even winter yet? I know it’s December… but I’m not sure the exact dates of the season change), I am already stocking my spare closet with items I’m planning to wear this spring.  My inspirational folder for outfit ideas is already at 600+ images. My personal style and outfit choices usually reflects my mood and whatever I am getting myself into that day. Lately I’ve been drawn more to rocker-chic then to girly glam. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE nothing better then a dress, jewels and a fabulous pair of heels. But lately I prefer that dress to be leather, those heels to be laced with gunmetal and spikes and to drown my hands in rings that are adorned with skulls.  
            For Spring 2011 my outfit choices will reflect a hippie/rocker/western vibe. I’m completely obsessed with 1970’s glam/Hippie, Indians, Western Wear, Rocker-chic, Studs, Leather, Feathers, Cow Skulls, Turquoise Stones, Metals, Denim and over sized sheer cotton tops. (I believe I confessed my love for several of these things in multiple blog post over that last few months).
Designer’s SS 2011 Collections and Look Books I’m currently inspired by:
Alexander Wang

Burberry Prorsum


(al photos via
For spring I’ve already began stocking up on vintage Levi’s I’m going to have cut into shorts, vintage cowboy boots, moccasins, turquoise jewelry, feathered earrings, sheer ensembles (shirts, skits/dresses) and solid print maxi dresses. I’m still searching for the perfect cow skull ring (Currently Lusting  THIS ONE HERE!!!!) and western inspired belts.

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