Monday, December 6, 2010

Dressing for my Alter Ego via Many Personalities

So basically when it comes down to it I feel that I have to live a double life. One that’s accepted by my parents/surroundings and the one I live out in my head (the one that has a very dry sense of humor and sarcastic tone). The 2nd one is the real me... it would be the one that everyone around here would judge. People here would treat my personality like the parents on Footloose treated rock music and dancing. Which would I choose I had had too? Ummm… the 2nd one for sure. The one that lives to be fabulous and has that take nothing attitude… the one that exudes confidence. The one that attends & host fabulous parties weekly. The one that doesn’t live in this one horse…maybe two-horse town… the one that wishes she lived in a city that makes her feel alive.

Each morning I get up and dress for my mood, the weather and occasion (whatever I’m getting myself into that day). Some times it’s girly and classic. (Think flats, skinny jeans, pearl earrings) other times… well most of the time its biker boots, leather, spikes, studs, grommets and rock tees, feathers, ripped jeans, distressed shorts and white tanks. And ALWAYS huge Sunnies and lots of Rings.

I often worry that I appear to rocker chic or that people are going to look at me and think I’m goth or Emo;. But that honestly isn’t the case. I just love that rocker-chic/hippie laid back style. I’m not a jeans sneakers and t-shirt type of girl. I could wear boots every single day of my life! I love motorcycle boots paired with everything from shorts to floral dresses. Here are a looks I’m currently obsessed with:

(All Photos from Oracle Fox and Purse N' Boots/)

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