Sunday, December 12, 2010


After the holiday season I will begin slowly up-dating my town home. Since it is a rental property I can’t change the carpet to hardwood like I’d like to nor can I change out any of the cabinets or sinks. However several coats of paint, new area rugs, lamps, light fixtures and a few new pieces of furniture will spruce the place up for the rest of the time I plan on living here…
First on my list will definitely be to finish my bedroom (which I actually started working on in January but never completed), then it will be onto the extra bedroom (which I blogged about a few weeks back)… then to both of the bathrooms, the hall, the stair case and finally the living room, the kitchen, dining area and even the outdoor patio that seems to have always been neglected. Of course I would love to be decorating a huge historical house right now… but I’m not ready for that huge investment just yet.  I’ve got WAY too much going on right now to deal with all the responsibilities that come along with owning a home (like mowing the lawn).  
Lately I’ve been a bit more obsessed with home décor and interior decorating then I usually am… here  are a few pictures that have inspired me:

(Photos from RUE, and Apartment Therapy)

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