Monday, December 20, 2010

Seeking Warmer Weather

It’s just days before Christmas and all of the snow from last week has finally melted. With temperatures back up in the mid forties I highly doubt we will be having a “White Christmas”, which honestly doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. Sure it wold be kind of symbolic but snow here isn’t like the snow you would picture having on Christmas.
You see the thing about Kentucky Weather…  we never get that wet snow that sticks to everything making everything seem beautiful…. We get lots of ice with a snow mix that makes everything nasty and it makes for poor driving conditions. So while the rest of you are wishing and hoping for more snow… I’ll be setting here counting down the days until spring and warm weather finally arrives.  After searching relentlessly through I finally narrowed down my list of favorites for ss2011  (besides the obvious Burberry Prorsum, Balmain and Alexander Wang). And they are:
(cushnie et ochs)

(helmut lang)

(jeremy laing)

(michael kors)

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